Tennis - The Sport For Life


Tennis is truly a unique sport for its ability to bring so many benefits to one's life.  The list could go on forever, but when asked, we typically respond with these core 3 categories.

Playing the sport of tennis can bring you lifelong friends.  You'll meet at tournaments, on teams, in clinics, in leagues, at tennis clubs and facilities, at professional tennis events and more.  

Scientists and physicians world-wide view tennis as one of the most healthful activity to participate in.  People who participate in tennis three hours per week (at moderately vigorous intensity) cut their risk of death in half from any cause, according to physician Ralph Paffenbarger of Harvard University School of Public Health. (Paffenbarger not only studied over 10,000 people over a period of 20 years in his landmark 'College Alumni Health Study', but also finished over 150 marathons over the age of 45.)

Families and Groups
Tennis brings families and groups together.  As a group, it takes us out into the fresh air, nourishes our body with physical activity, allows us to share in comradarie and sends us on our way with a joyous anticipation for the next time we meet.

These are the core joys received from this sport that have driven us to create Felt, a platform that helps others start down a track to experience these same joys.   If you're reading this,  you're most likely a tennis player and can relate to the above.  If you're not a tennis player, we'd like to encourage you to get in the game.  We recommend contacting your local Community Tennis Association or local tennis facility to get started.  Use these resources as a first step:

Search Community Tennis Associations using the United States Tennis Association website. 
Search for a local tennis facility or program using the Tennis Industry Association website.

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